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Refurbished laptops

What are refurbished laptops?

Refurbished is often seen as something of a dirty word. Many consumers are wary of putting their faith in a product that has already failed once and is not brand new, but those fears may be unfounded.


Consider that a refurbished product has had to be run through a wide array of diagnostics to determine what the original problem was and is given extra special attention by the technicians charged with repairing it. These products are examined in detail and restored to their original configurations and even given a full warranty (the details of which are different depending on the manufacturer).


Some refurbished laptops really are new, but are simply leftover stock that must be moved, and are classified as refurbished so the manufacturers can slash prices. Others are demo or store models that have been unboxed but only used to demonstrate the model’s abilities in a retail environment. Many are the result of failed components that are quickly and easily replaced and have no bearing on the overall integrity of the computer.


What you end up with is a highly analyzed, well-vetted laptop computer for an extraordinarily low price.