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  • How much solar systems cost in Pakistan?
  • How to effectively install a solar energy system for your home in Pakistan?
  • What brands of panels and inverters to use?

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  • PKR22,000 EP Solar Tracer-3215RN MPPT Charge Controller Voltage: 12/24V, Current 30A, Max PV Input 390W 12, 780W 24V
      Features: ·MPPT technology ·Peak conversion efficiency of 97% ·High Tracking efficiency of 99% ·Several seconds tracking speed ·4-Stage charge with PWM output ·Nature...

  • PKR4,900 PWM Solar Charge Controller TK50D 50A 12V24V auto work
      This intelligent ,multi-purpose solar charge and discharge controller has a very friendly interface of fixed LCD display .Various control parameters can be flexibly set ,fully meet your various application...

  • PKR3,000 PWM Solar Charger Controller TK30DU 30A 12V/ 24V auto work
    Solar Charger Controller TK30DU 30A 12V/ 24V auto work Features   Vivid LCD graphic symbols Simple button operation Automatic identification of system voltage level Intelligent PWM charging mode  Adjustablecharge-discharge...