Net Metering with Batteries

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Solar Net Metering On Grid 10KW System | PV 9720 Watt | Estimated 900 to 1200 Units |

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Product Description

10 KW Solar System 

Estimated Maximum 900 to 1200 Units Per/Month

  • Three phase, 10,000W 10 KW, OnGrid inverter (Chint, Growatt, Sungrow )
  • 9720 Watt Solar PV Tier -1 (A Grade) Tier 1 J.A/Canadian/jinko 540-550W Or Equilent
  • Solar Panel Structure ( NO Boundry Wall, No Shade )
  • AC & DC Wiring & Accessories, Miscellaneous Charges (Connectors, Junction Box, Combine Box, AC/DC Breakers, PV to Inverter Wires)
  • Civil Works
  • Transportation Chargers
  • Earthing If Required
  • Service Charges Installation
  • File Processing / PESCO Approval


Terms & Conditions:

1.    Prices are without taxes for Solar & Inverter (Imported).

2.    75% advance while rest of the payment will be addressed accordingly.

3.    Equipment will be available within a week or before after Payment order.

4.    Prices are valid for 2 days due to fluctuation in market effect on dollar price.

5.    System Services will be free for 1-Year which is based on technical condition.

6.    In case of change in structure and inverter; prices will increase or may differ, will be subject to site survey.

7.    Upon Site survey, such cost on project may decrease or increase, will be discussed during our meeting.


About  Net Metering:

1.    A copy of CNIC, latest paid PESCO Bill and property documents are required for Net Metering file process. All three documents must be with same name.

2.    Bi-directional Meter Installation and System Commissioning expected time will be 20~30 day (According to new SOPs by PESCO) or before the stipulated time, however in case of any new regulation or delay in PESCO process, such will be addressed (Informed) accordingly.

3.    It is mandatory by the client to process “Increase in sanction load”, “transfer of name” and “Change of name” by local Disco’s if required and from single phase to three phases (Rules of PESCO that owners will appear), only than we will be able to offer the Net Metering file process (Services).


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