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Solar | Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 | 36KW | Smart String Inverter | On Grid | Price in Pakistan |

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Product Description

Buy Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 Inverter

Why you should choose a Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3
inverter from Huawei now.

The Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 is a powerful inverter that performs an indispensable task in the PV system: It converts the direct current into alternating current. With its high efficiency, it is the right solution for demanding system operators. Behind the dimensions of 640 x 530x 270 mm, the Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 inverter offers a lot of state-of-the-art technical finesse. The weight is 43 kg - including the mounting plate. As with all Huawei Solar products, installation is simple and commissioning can be completed in just a few minutes using the app. RS485 communication is provided for data exchange with the Smart Logger and Smart Power Meter.

A big advantage of the Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 is the factory-supplied overvoltage protection (type 2 for AC and DC) as well as four independent MPP trackers are innovative details. In addition, the module operates pleasantly quietly, because the cooling takes place without a fan by natural convection. The maximum power of the Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 inverter is 40,000 watts. The MPPT operating voltage range is from 200 V to 1,000 volts. With a maximum efficiency of 98.7 percent and a European efficiency of 98.4 percent, the device achieves tremendous efficiency.

  • 3-phase inverter with 40,000VA output
  • 4 independent MPP trackers
  • 8 DC connections
  • Efficiency up to 98.7%
  • Communication via WLAN / Ethernet & 2G/3G/4G (optional)
  • Free system monitoring with FusionSolar
  • RS485 for Smart Power Sensor and SmartLogger
  • Connection for ripple control receiver
  • DC MBUS communication for Smart Optimizer
  • Integrated AC and DC overvoltage protection TYPE II
  • Integrated PID recovery
  • Convection cooling
  • Protection class IP66
Higher Yield - Huawei Inverter

Higher yield

Max. Efficiency 98.7%

Higher Yield - Huawei Inverter


Fuse-free design

Higher Yield - Huawei Inverter


Intelligent string monitoring

Higher Yield - Huawei Inverter


Type II arrester for DC & AC

Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 - Technical Specifications

All facts and figures summarised for you in a compact and up-to-date form.

Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 - General Specifications

Betriebstemperaturbereich: -25 ~ +60 °C
Relative Betriebsfeuchtigkeit: 0 % RH~100 % RH
Betriebshöhe: max. 4.000 m
Kühlung: Konvektionskühlung
Gewicht (mit Montageplatte): 43 Kg
Geräuschentwicklung: < 46 dB
Abmessungen: 640 x 530x 270 mm
DC-Anschluss: Stäubli MC4
AC-Anschluss: Kabelschuhe auf Anschlussbolzen M8
Schutzart (nach IEC 60529): IP66
Topologie: Transformatorlos
Energieverbrauch nachts: ≤ 5.5 W
DC MBUS-kompatibler Optimierer: SUN2000-450W-P

Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 - Input DC

Max. Input voltage1: 1,100 V
Max. Current per MPPT : 26 A
Max. Short circuit current per MPPT: 40 A
Starting voltage: 200 V
MPPT operating voltage range2 200 V to 1,000 V
Rated input voltage: 600 V
Number of MPP trackers: 4
Max. number of inputs per MPPT: 26 A Number of inputs per MPPT: 2

Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 - Output AC

Rated power: 36000 W
Maximum apparent power: 40000 VA
Rated output voltage: 230 Vac / 400 Vac, 3W/N+PE
AC line frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Rated output current: 52 A
Maximum output current: 58 A
Adjustable power factor: 0.8 kap. ... 0.8 ind.
THD: ≤ 3%

Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 - Efficiency

Max. Efficiency: 98.7 % European efficiency: 98.4 %

Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 - Communication

Display: LED display
RS485: Yes
USB: WLAN/Ethernet via Smart Dongle-WLAN-FE (optional), 4G/3G/2G via Smart Dongle-4G (optional)
Monitoring BUS (MBUS): Yes (isolation transformer required)

Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 - Protection and functions

DC load break switch: Yes
Islanding detection: Yes
AC overcurrent protection: Yes
DC reverse polarity protection: Yes
String monitoring: Yes
DC overvoltage arrester: Yes
AC overvoltage protection: Yes
DC insulation resistance detection: Yes
Fault current monitoring: Yes
Arc detection: Yes
Inputs for ripple control receiver PID recovery3: Yes

Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 - Safety Standards

EN 62109-1/-2, IEC 62109-1/-2, EN 50530, IEC 62116, IEC 60068, IEC 61683

Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 - Mains Connection Standards

IEC 61727, VDE-AR-N4105, VDE 0126-1-1, BDEW, G59/3, UTE C 15-712-1, CEI 0-16, CEI 0-21, RD 661, RD 1699, P.O. 12.3,RD 413, EN-50438-Turkey, EN-50438-Ireland, C10/11, MEA, Resolution Nr.7, NRS 097-2-1, AS/NZS 4777.2, DEWA
Further information on conformity to standards available on request.

Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 - included in delivery

PV Connector
Bluetooth Dongle

Huawei SUN2000-36KTL-M3 - Notes and explanations

1 The maximum input voltage is the upper limit of the DC voltage. Any higher input DC voltage would likely damage the inverter.
2 Any DC input voltage above the operating voltage range may cause faulty operation.
3 SUN2000-36KTL-M3 raises the potential between PV and ground to above zero using the built-in PID recovery function. Supported module types include: P-type (Mono, Poly), N-type (nPERT, HIT).

Warranty Information

10 Years Local Distributor Warranty

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