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Protect Your Laptop from Summer Heat

Posted on 24th May 2013 @ 3:16 AM

  • Work along with rest. Notebook also need to pay attention to rest, after long time using, the temperature of notebooks will rise a lot. In the break, you could hold the laptop on the mode of dormant / sleep / standby, etc., take notebook for a rest.
  • Keep the outlet flow smooth. Do not let anything block the outlet when you are using the notebook, particularly not to use notebook on the soft bed or mattress. In addition, it’s a very good idea to clean the outlet, laptop heat sink, fan and other parts before the summer comes.
  • Artificially block up the notebook. It brings better air circulation for the bottom of the notebook and takes the heat away faster. If using a laptop for a prolonged time, put something under the notebook with copper, steel and some material that can help heat sinking. Be sure to pay attention to maintaining notebook stability when blocking up the laptop.
  • Keep ventilation. In the summer, be sure to keep the room's ventilation while using laptop computer. Good ventilation makes good notebook cooling.
  • Cooling base. Now there are a lot of dedicated notebooks cooling base in the market, you can choose according to their needs, enhance the laptop's heat sinking.
  • Use the laptop in a air-conditioned room as much as possible. In the wild summer, laptops not only enjoy their own comfort in air-conditioned environments, but also can solve notebook cooling environment.