Intel® Quick Sync Video

Posted on 24th Jul 2011 @ 7:18 PM


Intel Quick Sync Video

Create, edit, and share videos in a flash

Intel® Quick Sync Video makes fast work of creating, editing, synchronizing, and sharing your videos–at home and online– without the expense of additional hardware.

Intel® Quick Sync Video

What is Intel Quick Sync Video

Intel Quick Sync Video, built right into 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors, is breakthrough hardware acceleration that lets you complete in minutes what used to take hours. Create DVDs or Blu-ray* discs, edit videos, convert video files for your portable media player, and convert videos for upload to your favorite social networking sites–all in a flash.

PCs with Intel Quick Sync Video can convert HD video content for a handheld device twice as fast as PCs based on previous generation Intel® Core™ processors.¹ Instead of waiting for your video, your video is waiting for you.

HD Video Conversion Speed

Video is mainstream

PC users now create and consume more video content than ever,◊ however, working with video content and converting it for different uses can be time-consuming. 

Intel Quick Sync Video reduces that wait time significantly.

Video is mainstream

How it works

Video content is typically compressed and encoded into a specific format when it is stored on hard drives, DVDs, camcorders, cell phones, or broadcast media. 
When you want to play that content, burn it onto a DVD or Blu-ray disc, or copy it to your phone, it must first be decoded and then re-encoded in a new format, 
a resource- and time-intensive process. Intel Quick Sync Video accelerates decoding and encoding for a significantly faster conversion time, 
while also enabling the processor to complete other tasks, improving overall PC performance.