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Last but never least we introduce Composite Video Interface or CVI. This new technology allows a simple solution for the consumer who is looking into getting their first surveillance system or already has a system installed and wants to upgrade to high definition without breaking the bank.

CVI is the perfect blend between IP and Analog. It blends the two technologies into one easy setup-affordable option. It's benefits are not limited to a low cost alternative but also includes longer cable runs, easy to use equipment, audio/video and control signals built together (no RS-485 needed for PTZ), and most importantly full 1080p to boot.

CVI works by sending high definition audio and video over regular coaxial cable at distances of up to 500 feet. This new technology allows you to take your old analog cameras and analog DVR out and simply plug in a new HDCVI DVR and HDCVI Cameras to get a fully high definition picture at a fraction of the cost of IP equipment.


We firmly believe the majority of analog equipment will soon be replaced by this modern advancement on high definition surveillance. If this is your first venture into surveillance systems or if you already have an analog system and aren't happy with the quality of your cameras look no further. CVI is the answer.

CVI System Overview: Pros

  • Simple and Cost Effective
  • Easily upgrade older Analog systems.
  • High Definition Quality without the price of an IP system.

CVI System Overview: Cons

  • Newer technology, limiting your camera selections.
  • Limited to 1080p
  • Not as customizable as IP systems.
  • Power still needs to be ran to cameras vs POE's one cable method.